Square Beam Flashlight

Be square with this flashlight that projects a square beam of light. With 165 lumens of power this will be bright enough for the darkest nights. Since […]

  • Superman outfit for dogs
  • Superman outfit for dogs
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Superman Costume for Dogs

Is your dog super? well show other that he is with a Superman Costume for your little pup. Break out your dog with this at your next party and even kryptonite won’t be able to stop him. Just make sure your dog doesn’t fly away to save the day making Lassie look like a puppy.


Love those awesome time lapse videos? well make your own with the Camalapse! The Camalapse will pan your iPhone or camera 360 degrees over the […]

Handlebar Mustache Two Finger Ring

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but you’ll kick that princess cut to the curb once you’ve had the ‘stache! This vintage Bronze and […]

Little Ear Earring

Nothing is more meta then wearing an earring that is an ear, sadly this ear doesn’t include an ear wearing another ear earring. It’s a […]

Ted R-rated Talking Teddy Bear

Relive the movie TED first hand with the talking plush Teddy Bear with 12 phrases. This isn’t for kids though with his inappropriate saying Ted is a […]

Sure F**k Cologne

Let people know you f**k on first dates with the Sure Fuck cologne. With it’s 96% success rate (for one Amazon reviewer) you’ll be sure […]

The Dark Knight Bookshelf

For the Batman in all of us, stuff your comic book collection into this super industrial Dark Knight bookshelf. It’d also look fantastic full of […]