Hobbit Feet Socks

Would you love to have the look of a hobbit? Or just want to keep warm and comfy while having on some cute and hairy toe socks? Well, you’re in luck. We have you some hobbit friendly toe socks that are made of some of the softest cotton this side of the Shire. Boys and girls alike can go skipping or jumping around in these curly haired slip-ons that are sure to get you in the hobbit mood. These socks feature brown hair that are curled at the top of your foot for a real feel look of hairy feet. They will get you looking like a shireling in no time. As long as it takes you to slip on these magical toe socks, is how long it will take to slip into a different world. A world filled with bilbo and hobbits. Frodo will be envy your new look, as you stroll through the forest. If you have always wanted to be among these amazing creatures, your start would be getting these hairy footie socks and you will be on your way. These hobbit toe socks are made to fit most sizes and are sure to make each and every one of you happy and comfy the whole time you are sporting them.A real treat if you can’t grow hair on your feet like so many want. “Fake it” with these one of a kind socks made from the hit movie that everybody wants to be a part of.

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