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Hobbit Feet Socks

Would you love to have the look of a hobbit? Or just want to keep warm and comfy while having on some cute and hairy […]

Fundies – Undies for Two

What’s to hate about these Fundies, they are exactly what they sound like, fun underwear. Granted these aren’t as fun for the single folks but […]

Handlebar Mustache Two Finger Ring

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but you’ll kick that princess cut to the curb once you’ve had the ‘stache! This vintage Bronze and […]

Little Ear Earring

Nothing is more meta then wearing an earring that is an ear, sadly this ear doesn’t include an ear wearing another ear earring. It’s a […]

Sure F**k Cologne

Let people know you f**k on first dates with the Sure Fuck cologne. With it’s 96% success rate (for one Amazon reviewer) you’ll be sure […]